dj brand identity

DJ Brand Identity

DJ Brand Identity

dj brand identity

It is very important to have DJ Brand Identity. Although some DJ’s do attain a professional status based on their content and the quality of their music alone, it is important to remember that being a DJ is still a business. Like any other business, one needs to create a brand name and reputation that is known at least amongst loyal customers.

Having some marketing and public relations work done on your brand is important. This is due to a couple of reasons. It is valuable to build brand reputation and image to be able to play in different and bigger venues. Reputable DJs are first in line to get headlining nights at the top-notch venues. Thus, it would be a good idea to build a reputable brand.

DJ branding also refers to a DJ’s specific style of playing the set-list. DJ’s tend to have their specific, signature bass-drops, drums, kicks and so forth. Each DJs music differs from the other because of creative differences. However, it is important to have and to maintain a unique identity and brand in regards to your music. Many popular DJ’s have a specific style that is very unique and identifiable to them.

To build a signature brand, it is important to have a unique and consistent style. It is also necessary to have an online, social media presence. A twitter account and a Facebook account are both vital in this modern day and age. It is also equally important to have a SoundCloud account and preferably, a YouTube account. A DJ should also have his own website with an electronic press kit on it, which contains a short profile and images, testimonials alongside a list of popular venues played, a gallery and a logo. The website should also contain clips of the DJ’s work and perhaps, if possible, videos of live events being played.

Nonetheless, building a reputation is not only necessary for a DJ looking to play live venues, but also for a DJ looking to play on the radio. DJ intros serve to introduce the DJ to the crowd prior to playing one of their songs. DJ intros are not only common on air for radios but also in nightclubs and bars. DJ intros are often repeated throughout a song or throughout the night, to familiarize them with the crowd. Often in places such as clubs or bars or even parties, people and the crowd, in general, tends to keep changing as people enter and exit the venue. Thus, it is essential for the DJ intros to be performed in perfect conjunction with the rest of set-list, so as not to cause a disruption or ruin the flow. While most DJs prefer to use their own DJ intros some seek other professional services for their DJ intros to seem less pretentious. Some famous DJs who are popular and known worldwide use their own DJ intros. These DJs include DJ Khaled, for instance, who has collaborated with artists such as Drake, Jay Z, Beyonce and Chris Brown. It is thus, very important to have a DJ brand and identity built and such unique DJ intros also help in associating the DJ with the crowd and the type of music. It could be argued that DJ intros such as DJ Khaled’s have contributed to his rise in fame and success and helped him carve out a unique image and identity for yourself.

Nonetheless, it is important to use DJ intros and maintain a creative yet unique DJ style that helps in building your profile and sets you apart from the rest of the competition, whether it be in live venues or on the radio.

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    I need you to make me my personal intro something like DJ morounky on the beat


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