Radio Ads Script Guide​

Radio Ads Script Guide

Radio Ads Guide

It can take only 30 seconds to convince someone through radio ads to buy your product. It is even better when your ad is repeated over and over on a popular radio station. However, the key to a successful radio ad campaign is to write a good thought out, radio ad script.  There are no strict rules on how to write a radio ad script, but there are some key components listed below that should be included. 

  • Target your audience
  • Grab their attention
  • Identify and solve a problem
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Call to action
  • Sound quality
As mentioned in the outset, a radio ad is generally 30 seconds, but it can be a bit less or more.

Here is a general rule for how many words are in seconds. 

10 seconds = 25 words

15 seconds = 35 words

30 seconds = 40-75 words

Lets consider each component in detail.

Target your audience

You want to choose a radio station that targets listeners that are interested in your product or service. One common option is to target your audience through geo-location. You may want to choose in what country, province or city that they live in. Other common parameters are hobbies, interests, age, education, etc.

Grab their attention

You want the audience to perk their ears when your ad comes on, so do not always aim to sound promotional. The best strategy is to use conversational language and ask a question. Take for example an Ad for a DJ Mobile Business: 

Are you planning an epic party and struggling for music ideas?

Identify and solve a problem

 In the step before, you may have asked a question that identifies a problem your audience may have. Your listeners will be more receptive if you understand their problem and offer a solution.

We know how frustrating it can be when your DJ does not want to listen to what you want or even worse refuses to play what your guests what to hear!

Our DJs meet with every client before each event and evaluate your needs  and make sure that the music played will satisfy the organizer and their guests. 

Ensure customer satisfaction

Be sure to offer any guarantee that would reassure your clients and make them trust you. If the client feels like they are taking minimal risk there is a better chance that they will try your product.

Call to action

You need to tell your audience what they need to do right away to benefit from the offer that you made to them. You can even add in a time limit, so your audience feels like they might miss out if they do not act fast. For example:

Call us and book your DJ today!  Act now and save 25% on your next party booked before…

Sound quality

This is last and most important element to a successful radio campaign. If you followed our guide, but decided to attempt to record the ad yourself without the proper editing software and equipment, your radio ad will be a flop. Have a professional produce your ad and you will not regret it. At DJ Drops and Jingles we can do this for you. We have both female and male voices to choose from.  Then, we will fully produce and master your production and send back as an .mp3 or .wav

Follow the link to have your Custom Commercial Ad made today!

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